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Home Collection

Spice racks, shelves, ornaments and hideaway tables are just a few of the custom crafted items that Doc offers for the home.

Outdoor Collection

Doc uses 100% cedar for all his outdoor items. Cedar prevents against water, snow and insect damage.  Here you will find tables, Adirondack chairs, footrests and more.

Small Jar Spice Rack Large Jar Spice Rack Teacup Shelf

Spice Rack Large Jar

Spice Rack Small Jar

Teacup Shelf

This rack will store 15 small spice jars or 10 small spice jars and 5 large spice bars.

This rack will store 10 large spice jars. It is the same siz as the small jar spice rack but the shelves are made to accomadate the large jars.

This custom shelf has openings that will fit a teacup, or any item you wish.  Each shelf is customized to fit whatever you want.

Bottle Carrier

Bottle Carrier

Your very own six pack carrier and bottle opener.  This carrier fits even specialty beverage bottles.  This is a very popular gift for groomsmen.

AdirondackChair Child Chair Simple Table

Child’s Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chair

Simple Outdoor Table

Finally an Adirondack chair that is built to give you the upmost comfort.  Made of 100% cedar.

This Adirondack chair is both stylish and built to withstand years of use by a child.

Want a simple outdoor table with clean lines?  This is it.  Made of 100% cedar.

Deluxe Outdoor Table

Deluxe Outdoor Table

This outdoor table adds a little pizzazz to you Adirondack chairs and gives you enough room for anything you need while you relax.

Simple Jewelry Display Case Deluxe Jewelry Display Case

Deluxe Jewelry Display Case

Simple Jewelry Display Case

Want to display, store and travel with your jewelry for your business?  This simple case with do all that.

A step up from the simple jewelry display case.  This one had upgraded hardware and more exotic wood.

We offer a variety of products to suit your needs.  Whether it is an Adirondack chair to relax in, custom shelves for your spices or collections, or even a display case for your business, Doc has it covered.

Want a custom creation?

Contact Doc directly so that he can design and build a custom creation just for you.

Email Doc  Tapered Footrest

Tapered Footrest

Built to fit with the Adirondack chair, this tapered footrest allows you to put your feet up at two different angles.  

Tea Light Block

Tea Light Blocks

A stylish new way to decorate with tea lights.  The perfect addition to your home.


Wooden Cooler Chest

This cooler is set on casters and is encased in wood with a bottle opener to make it functional and beautiful.

Wine Rack

Hanging Wine Rack

Save space and be stylish with this rustic hanging wine rack.

Phone Stand

Phone Stand

A stylish new way to watch videos, look at pictures or store your phone.

Watch Bracelet Display

Watch Bracelet Display

Display your watches, bracelets and other items on your table OR use it as a gift for that hard to buy for person in your life.

Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

These stylish cutting boards are made from 100% hardwood Maple, Cherry and Purpleheart.

Phone Stand Exotic Wood

Phone Stand (Exotic)

A stylish new way to watch videos, look at pictures or store your phone. These phone stands are made with exotic wood.

Picnic Wine Glass Holder

Picnic Wine Glass Holder

Celebrate that special occasion with this wine glass and bottle holder.

EndGrain Cutting Board

End Grain Cutting Boards

A stylish new way to watch videos, look at pictures or store your phone.