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Doc’s Journey

It all began simply enough, a desire for an outdoor Adirondack chair that was comfortable yet rugged enough to last through a Kansas winter as we had just transferred.  So Doc went to work creating a design that would turn you lazy once you sat down.  He chose 100% cedar wood to prevent water and bug issues.  A wood that he continues to choose for outdoor items to this day.  The neighbors fell in love with the chair and immediately ordered two chairs, plus a table.  Once the order was finished, another order came, this one for the two chairs, a table and two footrests.  Meanwhile, Doc’s wife patiently waited for her set of furniture.  After all, Doc had already built her several items for her kitchen, to include a tea shelf, a silverware holder designed for their specific silverware and custom spice shelves.  With more requests from friends and neighbors coming in regularly, Doc decided it was time to start Doc’s Woodworking – officially.  By the way, Doc’s wife finally received her outdoor furniture ... well, most of it anyway. Customers come first.